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Here are some other issues, that are pending for a long time now.
  • The header of the render queue list [DLG_427] can't be translated i.e. translation won't show up.

  • All strings inside the red frame, except the word 'Total' can't be translated.

  • The whole dialog [DLG_576] (except the displayed error message itself) can't be translated.

  • This menu is only in parts localizable.

    (This, in fact, isn't long-pending, but since it stands in conjunction with the next issue, I put it here.)

  • Except the caption, this dialog [DLG_288] can't be localized for whatever reason at all. This applies to all strings that can be displayed in it, depending on the setting of the dropdown, which can't be translated as well.

  • Translations can't be made for the upper dropdown menu in the theme elements finder [DLG_269]; in the lower dropdown the string "<image file name>" is missing in the template.

  • The dropdown menu in [DLG_269] can't be translated

  • In the Render dialog, if no title is given, we see the term 'untitled', which also doesn't work in translation.

Not belonging to the list of long-pending impossible translations, this is a quite obscure one, that can't be put into a reasonable format. Besides (or because of) that, the strings ":A", ":a", ":T" and "<space>" ar missing in the template:

Also, there are a few file dialog entries that won't work or something else is wrong with them:
  • In the following case the translated string is truncated.

    This is how it should look like:

  • When exporting PDF/XML notation sheets, the dialog shows this, but the translation won't show up.

    [midi_DLG_226] ; IDD_MUSICXML_EXPORT
    ;082E867AA6D15046=Page width:
    [midi_DLG_226] ; IDD_MUSICXML_EXPORT 

  • Same goes for the following that deal with text file import and export:

    ;265F8C42D8F617CB=Lyrics will be exported to a text file, one measure per line, separated by spaces or tabs.
    ;8D7322DC72C4E917=Lyrics will be exported from MIDI lyric events on the last touched track.
    ;B28A52B58A4A4E89=Divide lyrics with tabs every
    265F8C42D8F617CB=Liedtexte werden in eine Textdatei exportiert, ein Takt pro Zeile, getrennt durch Leerzeichen oder Tabs.
    8D7322DC72C4E917=Liedtexte werden als MIDI-Liedtext-Events aus dem zuletzt benutzten Track exportiert.
    B28A52B58A4A4E89=Liedtexte mit Tabs teilen, alle 


  • Code:
    ;4FDC1EFF5C6004A7=Lyrics should be in a text file, one measure per line, separated by spaces or tabs.
    ;94FB231FB797C408=Lyrics will be imported to the last touched track, as MIDI lyric events.
    ;67B478FBAAAE55DA=A new MIDI item will be created on that track if needed.
    ;1196B16C194B9363=Divide lyrics on:
    4FDC1EFF5C6004A7=Liedtexte sollten in einer Textdatei sein, ein Takt pro Zeile, getrennt durch Leerzeichen oder Tabs.
    94FB231FB797C408=Liedtexte werden als MIDI-Liedtext-Events in den zuletzt benutzten Track importiert.
    67B478FBAAAE55DA=Falls erforderlich wird ein neues MIDI-Item auf diesem Track erzeugt.
    1196B16C194B9363=Liedtexte teilen bei: 
    Note that the dropdown menu, holding the entries "tabs" and "any whitespace" aren't in the template.

In addition to the above, there are some other issues.

Strings in this block are missing for [undo] since they need to be slightly different as undo strings in German. Copying them into the [undo] section and changing them accordingly, doesn't work.
######## added in template (section: pooledenv):
D4A529A0DD35A4AD=Automations-Item laden
9B4427FB3CCEE144=Automations-Item umbenennen
096516B609B04A04=Automations-Item speichern
BE9C27315224A173=Parameter des Automations-Items bearbeiten
2209EB9CFF6C40B6=LFO-Parameter des Automations-Items bearbeiten
BA219CBBD3DCF8B0=Name des Automations-Items bearbeiten
3A1633A218E43C12=LFO des Automations-Items entfernen
E4BF9667B24A9890=LFO-Typ des Automations-Items einstellen

The following translations don't work i.e. apply:
  • When moving an envelope point or segment, the term "Adjusted: " (probably with an in this string embedded value) appears; it can't be translated.

  • Code:
    ;BB0C93A301E24788=Width: %.0f%% (double click to set to 0%%)
    BB0C93A301E24788=Kanaltrennung: %.0f%%  (doppelklicken um auf 0%% zu setzen)
    Note that this applies when hovering the mouse over the label below the knob, not the knob itself.
    However, translation of tooltips for Pan and Volume work fine.

  • Code:
    8EB737B1653F437D=Spektral-Region, Fade über Zeit: %.0f %%
    1ACAFB30D9FA86CA=Spektral-Region, Fade über Frequenz: %.0f %%
    Only the tooltips for these two knobs won't translate; the others do.

  • Code:
    ;7C3B88238C71DAA1=Main toolbar
    ... doesn't work either (or has to go to a special block; in this case I put it into the [common] block).

IIRC I've tried all strings, missing in the template, using the string_calculator to put them in additionally.

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