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What I'm going to say may be completely off the mark (i.e. may not apply to your situation), but I once had a crackling problem, no wait three times I had the problem, and here is how I fixed them:

1) The first time was solved by removing a VST plugin (I think it was Barricade Limiter) on the Master track. That was it! One single plugin can do you in... On a side note, I read somewhere that some plugins on the Master track can cause problems, as well as use more CPU, but not cause problems on regular tracks. And therefore, I now always mix my song on a normal track I call 'Premix'. Then I route that 'Premix' track to the Master. It's useful for many other reasons. Do you have crackling with no FX on anything?

2) Crackling occurs if you chose the wrong setting in ReaTune. Just saying, in case you have that VST running?

3) Crackling occurs if I choose a small block size in the Audio Media interface (cntl+P). Asio calls it block size, others may have different names, but that setting is related to Latency. Smaller settings are good for recording, BUT you may need to put in bigger value when mixing. I got into the habit of changing that value, back and forth, depending on the task.

Well. That's all I got. I sure hope you can fix that problem. I know how terrible the feeling is when you are stuck with it.
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