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Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
I wish more gear reviews on the internet were this detailed. This is seriously impressive(and rather flattering for my 2x2).
The sad bit is that all you need to provide that detail is a round trip latency testing utility (FREE), and a copy of Right Mark Audio Analyzer (FREE if you aren't making money from it's use, and a reasonable fee if you are).

Why the fuck isn't that the norm rather than the exception???? I can do that at home with any audio interface I can get my hands on in a few minutes!

In not much more time I could also use DAW Bench to see how much load I could put on a given system at a given latency figure... I'm not sure how much is down to incompetence, how much is down to laziness, and how much is down to commercial pressures from companies who will spend money on advertising, but it has to be some combination of those things.

"Oh but there is such a large number of combinations of computer hardware you could have, so no no reasonable comparison is possible..."

Bullshit. The results I could gets with a few generations of computers I have here could provide a highly representative view of how things perform. But apparently that's too much effort.

Instead we have people talking about "high frequency clarity", and "solid low end", when comparing converters that are all well beyond the threshold of transparency, and far beyond the capabilities of the amps and speakers they are listening through. Never mind the limitations of human perception.

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