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Originally Posted by lolilol1975 View Post
Yes but RME is too expensive for amateur home studios.

I've read only good things of the Roland drivers (I don't own one, but when I was looking for a card, I read a lot online).
That's sort of what "buy once, cry once" means. AKA one often spends the price or more of an RME Babyface (just as an example), buying various devices over the course of 10 years, where with an RME you are still using the same device with updated drivers and support. I mention them mostly because I have RME and the plus side that they write their own custom drivers which is far better than what many do which is sort of put an outsourced device together and hope class compliant handles it. IOW, beware of companies that aren't sound card companies at the core.

I'm fairly certain Roland is more proprietary and doesn't tend to support hardware for that long (can't look up the old thread right now) - though I do like them from a non-soundcard perspective (I trained at their LA facility years ago, great company). Don't get me wrong, I get the expense thing, I've been there but I always shy away from anyone who isn't proud of supporting their hardware for long periods of time even after the "new" model comes out.
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