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Originally Posted by ecl View Post
Hi Again กก

What does the symbol in the picture means ?

Can we remove it and translate or is affecting to something else ?

Thanks กก
That is "access key".
We can use it to improve UX of our langpacks.
(At least on Windows. I don't know how about on Mac)

Especially in some language composed totally by non-latin characters like Japanese,
it's impossible to jump to desired menu items by pressing a key of a common initial letter of them.
(e.g. "View" -> press M to jump to "Mixer" -> M again to "Master Track" -> M again to "Monitoring FX" ...)
So I make full use of access keys for my Japanese langpack like this.

But of course access keys can also be useful in latin-character-based language,
so it may be nice to preserve them, I think.
日本語化パッチ (森) / Japanese LangPack by Phroneris:

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