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I discovered a few other things:
  • Just a reminder.

    This list still cannot be localized:

    In conjunction with that, again my query, whether it would be possible to make the calculation tool take a bunch of strings, so that we don't need to input the strings one by one?

  • Quote:
    + Undo: improve history context menu with ability to look at differences
    I could translate the menu item "Undo state information", but the submenu entries are seemingly compilations of more than one string - at least most of them.

  • In window 'Undo History Warnings' are amongst the string '`%s` UNKNOWN TOKEN %s' probably others (like 'BAD PARAMETERS `%s`' and such) that can't be done.

  • Coming back to this:

    In this pic the date is in the format YY-MM-DD, whereas in the pic below it's shown as DD.MM.YYYY which is the common date format in German. Would be nice if we could have a consistent format.

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