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Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
But this would mean a user would have to rewrite/modify his/her own scripts to get them localized correctly. To introduce extra routines to solve localizing problems that in the end do the same as already existing ones, might therefore possibly not really be the best way to go. Probably it's a better solution to modify existing functions, so that all already written scripts, using these functions, automatically would work correct in the desired language in the first place.

But I somehow doubt, that it will ever happen that all these functions which might use some (whatever) localized string(s) will be rewritten. (sigh!)

BTW - a more reliable way to get an envelope by an identifier is to use GetSetMediaTrackInfo(track,"P_ENV","<VOLENV") etc.

but.. making it so that Get*EnvelopeByName() search the english names first, then the localized names (but of course programmers must use the english names if they want it to work universally).

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