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Originally Posted by deeb View Post
but i am sorry you don't use or know every production technique in the world. Personally this can be the difference between a useful DAW or not.
Originally Posted by D Rocks View Post
Yeah I know, but honestly these last months I keep switching between Cubase pro 9.5 and Reaper. To be honest even if I used Cubase for the last 12 years and all my muscle memory and habits is built around it.. also even if it cost me more than 1000$ over the years, I still can't prefer it to Reaper. The more I learn Reaper and customize it the more I can't go back to Cubase. So I trust them that they will choose the best option to help with editing enveloppes, either with area selection or improved AI

^^^^ context ^^^^

Originally Posted by deeb View Post
so honestly that as nothing to do with what i am trying to say. :|
You were talking about a good versus bad DAW relating to these kind of features. .and your signature says you are about to quit Reaper. Im sharing my thoughts on those two things.

Anyways have a good night its useless to talk
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