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Originally Posted by Edgemeal View Post
Hmmmm, actually seems to be a bug caused by the setting, 'Automation items do not connect to the underlying envelope'.

With that option on, I add an AI, set it to negative value, go to right edge of AI, zoom in, the envelope value is not zero dB where expected, and the value slowly works back to zero as the play head moves right, this causes transitions to be much slower then they should be here.

Win7 / 5.62 / x64

When set to 'Automation items connect to the underlying envelope on both sides' or 'Automation items connect to the underlying envelope on the right side' the transition is instant (envelope values are as expected).

EDIT: Value shown in Tooltip is deceiving, even though it shows 0.00dB over those points the volume value is actually still negative.
This behaviour is problematic .

Please devs, is it possible to add an option to set the time of automation data transition between envelope and AI edges ?

To avoid impacting on AI, at the start of AI, transition should start before the AI, and at the end of AI after the AI.

Or delete this transition time ?

It happens when an AI edge is not connected to envelope.

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