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If you disable loop and extend right edge, the extended section 1) still looks a loop (but isn't) and 2) is uneditable.

Why don't we have copy/paste, especially CTRL+drag to another track, for auto items? Everytime I want to copy to another track, I have to save it as an AI, then load it on the other track (and sometimes it creates an unpooled copy. (possibly due to changes to the AI after it was saved??))

We can't add an AI to an existing pool?

In properties, if you change the Name to the same as another group, the name updates, then when you click on the AI, the name is changed back.

Item grouping doesn't work for AIs either.

Changing an automation point in an AI by using the text entry (Set envelope point value dialogbox) needs to refresh pooled items.

AIs cover the bottom row of text* for underlying audio/MIDI items. Should be moved up when AI overlaps OR permanently move the bottom horizontal bar of an AI up so it doesn't cover that. (things like item FX names, velocity multiplier for MIDI items)
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