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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Yes, that, too! But I'm rather fascinated how you achieved to put so many toolbars side by side.
So, if I'm not completely wrong, it is:

---- top toolbar -------
-- docker toolbars ---
-- main toolbar -------

Is that correct?
You mean on top of each other?

The top is just the transport, it has the option to dock at "Top of main window".

Next is a toolbar positioned at "Top of main window" (It has e.g. Options). You cannot put more toolbars in here, not next to each other nor as tabs, so I have mine with so many buttons to populate the whole width of myscreen.

The third row is a regular docker. You put tabs here and sections with ctrl+draging.

And then there is that island of the Main toolbar (with e.g. the color picker)
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