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Default Yes, but lo fi

I'd like to do an imagey companion to Ninjam, in fact I think there's a whole lot of stuff that can go with it - there should be a big colourful screen to go with it, not that ugly little box. And you should be able to mix video feeds and text instructions or bits of other sound sources, but to begin with I'd like to post on a website an svg image, and start using inkscape. I'd listen to the jamming, post the url through the chat, and I'd set a cron job or something to save and post it every few seconds to the website, so I'm transferring data too but never as fast as the musicians. And it's really simple to do. So though I might be a crap illustrator, I can still join in the fun even if I don't want to do any playing. Let me know if that sounds good for a start - maybe at least to figure out what can be done with it. Certainly to fit with the jam philosophy it should have a testing ground, and it might be easy to stream svg like that - just line after line as it gets created. (meanwhile of course it would just be from a file upload).
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