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me and Neimad here, tried a stadnalone approach to a "vidjam". We both installed the MS Windows Media Encoder :

This is basically a separate video feed server that you can run in parallel with NINJAM. Anyone with a webcam and Windows can use it. This is easier then having the video streamed through an IM app like Yahoo msgr or MSN because you are broadcasting a video stream that multiple people can see without registering anywhere. All they need to see you is the Windows media player, cut and paste the address you supply them with and you have a video feed which is delayed about 20 seconds.

Still not bad, if you play with the settings a bit you can optimize that to get rid of the delay and increase quality.

We only streamed the video to eachother and left the sound on through Ninjam.

Again, im sorry that this solution is limited to Windows users for transmitting. I guess there are ways for other platforms like Linux and Mac to receive the stream.

PS, this eats a bit of bandwidth, so be aware that if you are on "tight" broadband NINJAM might start cutting :P
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