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Well I like the new menus, and they are a lot more organized, but it is actually more effort to get to most of the functions now because of all the extra sub menus. I don't know what other solution there is though, there are so many preferences that exist in Reaper and are only really accessible through the menus that you have to put them somewhere. The choice is either basically one big long list where everything is accessible in the first tier of menus or throw in a ton of submenus to organize things in a way that makes it easy to find.

I think through this thread though we can slowly start to compress the menus and eliminate redundancies quite effectively.

For example, I think the Options>Editing section can be removed completely. Autocrossfade options and envelope options are already available on the default toolbar by right clicking those buttons, and the "Trim Behind" stuff should be added to the toolbar as well. Those features are already available by right clicking the auto crossfade button but there is an icon that is meant specifically for those trim options, so they should probably be included on the toolbar by default.

The key to slimming things down is to make sure each feature is accessible, but only in one place instead of 2 or 3 like a lot of options are by default. This ReaMenus stuff has trimmed down a lot of bloat in the menus but there are still some things that I think we can make more efficient!

Great work though and I'm looking forward to the arguments that are going to ensue as we all work to perfect a good default menu set!
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