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Originally Posted by AdamWathan View Post
The key to slimming things down is to make sure each feature is accessible, but only in one place instead of 2 or 3 like a lot of options are by default. This ReaMenus stuff has trimmed down a lot of bloat in the menus but there are still some things that I think we can make more efficient!
Agreed. The question is if the options should be removed from the options menu or from the context menus. It seems that relying on the toolbar buttons is a little dangerous, as people are much more willing to change those than to change their menus, but we can still reduce the menu redundancies.

On the one hand, having all of the 'options' on the options menu is a nice feature in itself. The options in the context of the transport/arrange/other places can be removed.

On the other hand, it's nice to have context options on context menus.

I'm inclined to keep all the options on the options menu and remove them from the other places, but I'd like to hear a few opinions, as it will set a major president.

Also, if you see any repeats other than the option/toggles, let me know.
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