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I would strongly suggest a few things, which I'll explain briefly as I go along...

1) On the fly power optimization software, such as Gigabyte Easytune, nVidia PowerMizer, and other software actually cause glitches with any interface, on any current computer. After the Pentium 4 era (we'll say, S478 era), Intel introduced Speedstep technology which would downclock your CPU to save power, and produce less heat. However, this also changes how audio is processed by your computer.

2) In your computers BIOS, you should disable the following features:

Intel Speedstep
Intel EIST

There are other features as well, however that is the general idea of what you need to look for. All of those BIOS features will have an effect on your CPU clock rate. While yes, DAWs need to keep quiet in the studio, these features will have their effects.

In general, disabling these options can prevent clicks/pops/crackles from audio in your recordings.

The process of digitizing audio is how the audio is actually broken into pieces, and then pieced back together later, so when your processor throttles down, it changes the way the audio is processed. If bits or bytes are missing during the clock rate change, then that's where you'll find clicks/pops/crackles in the audio.

Professional DAW systems are built using specific hardware that is tested over and over, and configured very specifically, with custom BIOS options. Home built systems usually don't get to this point, because many people don't focus on that part of the system. I'm not saying that anyone who builds their computer for DAW purposes aren't smart, I did it myself, but the research doesn't happen until the problems arise.

I'm not all knowing, but I have a pretty solid background with computer hardware by now. I hope this helps out lots of users. I don't go through these forums too much, but when I do see things, I'll try to address questions as best I can.
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