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All IRQ's above IRQ 15 are what are called Virtual IRQs. They don't really exist, but they're allocated to resources differently to avoid piling on IRQs 1-15.

You said two things that really point to the problem, first that your interface is USB, and second that it stops when you minimize Reaper.

1) Reaper itself uses waveform rendering. Almost all audio apps do this, the only one I've seen that's different is SoundTrack Pro for Mac, where you can turn off the waveform rendering while recording.

When you're recording, you're using the USB bus, where it needs as much bandwidth as possible.

2) When you render waveforms during recording, it needs to be processed by your graphics card, which requires it to take some bandwidth.

The fact that both USB and the graphics card use the same IRQ means that they share the same resources when they're working.

You might be SOL depending on what your computer is, because Windows 7 handles hardware resources and allocation completely differently from Windows XP, and After Windows XP, the ability to manually set IRQ lists were dropped.

I had my own problems with Windows 7, but worked through it, but the fixes are always complicated. I would have to know more about what your computer hardware is before I could give you a better answer about it.
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