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Default Updated Faderport Support (Faderport XT)

EDIT 12/30/15: If you are on Mac and/or want a few new features which I have not added for either OS, please see the following thread where The_Nimaj has added both Mac/PC support and some of the additional features asked for in this thread. I see no reason not to consider his current build the latest and greatest.

Now if we could just talk Cockos into moving this into the product officially it would save all these special instructions. wink, hint, nudge.


Based on yhertogh's previous additions (thanks!) I have added additional Reaper support for Faderport. Here are all the features including what yhertogh already had... Ability to assign custom actions to the following buttons:


If you create your own custom actions which is a chain of other actions you can run complicated macros with a button etc.

Other features

Auto Scroll, Shift Latch, MCP View, Select Last Touched. See this thread for more information.


1. Copy reaper_csurf_fpxt.dll and reaper_csurf_fpxt.ini to \Reaper\Plugins and delete the existing reaper_csurf.dll.
2. In reaper go to Options > Preferences > Control Surfaces
3. Highlight and remove the existing PreSonus FaderPort Control Surface in the list (if you already had Faderport installed previously).
4. Click Add and choose "Presonus FaderPort XT" from the list. If this exact choice isn't in the list, make sure the dll is in the \reaper\plugins directory and Reaper has been restarted!
5. Choose FaderPort for both the MIDI Input and MIDI Output and click OK twice.
6. The XT version of FaderPort is now ready to use.


All customizations are in the INI file (reaper_csurf_fpxt.ini) here are the defaults but the entire point is that you can make them do what works best for you:

MCP_VIEW=1 (default=1, enabled, Autoscroll works)
SHIFT_LATCH=1 (default=1, enabled, shift latch works)
AUTO_SCROLL=1 (default=0 disabled, if you press next channel on faderport it may fall onto a hidden track)
SELECT_IS_TOUCHED=1 (default=1 enabled, when creating a new track, make the new track also the 'last touched track')

ACTION_PUNCH=40222 (set start point)
ACTION_PUNCH_SHIFT=40172 (Go to previous marker/project start)
ACTION_USER=40157 (insert marker at current position)
ACTION_USER_SHIFT=40173 (Go to next marker/project end)
ACTION_LOOP=1068 (toggle repeat)
ACTION_LOOP_SHIFT=40915 (set end point)
ACTION_FOOTSWITCH=40073 (play/pause)
ACTION_MIX=40078 (toggle mixer visible)
ACTION_MIX_SHIFT=41077 (toggle show all floating windows except mixer)
ACTION_PROJECT=40861 (go to next project tab - cycle)
ACTION_PROJECT_SHIFT=40295 (zoom out project)
ACTION_TRANS=40259 (toggle transport visible)
ACTION_TRANS_SHIFT=1134 (tap tempo)

To customize just grab the action ID you need from reaper and change it in the INI file for the button you wish to customize. If the action IDs are not visible in the actions list in Reaper, be sure to right-click anywhere in the actions window and choose "Show action IDs". Find your action, its corresponding ID, change it in the ini file, save it, restart Reaper.

5.10.13: This is no longer considered alpha/beta and all links in this thread point to the release version

For now it can be downloaded below. Both x86 and x64 versions are included in the same .zip file. Be sure that you extract the correct 32bit/64bit version that matches your version of Reaper. I'll check back and fix whatever is busted tomorrow evening.


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