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Originally Posted by msuscorpio View Post
Nice! Ill give this a try when I get home, thanks. I got my FaderPort a couple months ago but haven't yet had a chance to use it for anything more than the default out of the box stuff. One question, and its probably pretty stupid....When Im recording and I hit the stop button on the FP, how to I turn off that annoying pop up asking me to confirm saving the recorded tracks or to delete them? Its annoying that I still have to go back to the mouse to verify the appropriate action and would much rather be able to select it from the FP.
Reaper's preferences allows you to disable that prompt. Additionally with the updated FaderPort dll you can tell the stop button to perform any action or set of actions by placing them in a custom action and firing the custom action with the button via the INI file. Let me know if you have any problems.

One thing I have noticed is that you should completely remove the existing faderport/csurf.dll, add the faderport version and restart reaper. If you don't Reaper can and will load the wrong one even though you think it is the faderport version. I could probably find a way to compile the new one so this doesn't happen but haven't found it. So if you set this all up and it acts like nothing is working, remove the orignal DLL from the folder, then remove re-add faderportXT in reapers control surface options and you should be good to go.
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