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dear tb-av,
-make sure you have part one and part two in the same location
====== Both in folder on desktop

-unrar part one, you will have a folder

======= Done - no problem

-go into the folder, you have a .reaperthemezip file.

===== Yep, no problem

-Don't unzip, just double clic or drag it into reaper, this will install the theme

===== Nope, I only get a partial theme. When I look in Reaper color themes I see no directory for API and all I see is API

I'm beginning to think it's a problem with Reaper seeing my directory structure. Ever since I installed 4.25 as a clean install Reaper can't see back past my user name directory.

It used to see back to drive letters C:\ etc.. But now it stops at ( user name ) DAW .... which is actually


I haven't been able to find out why that is. Will ask in other part of forum. Don;t want to mess up your thread.
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