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Default Soundflower

Hi all. I wanted to first say thanks for all the fun I had checking out ninjam last night.

Originally Posted by mk66 View Post
Just to tell you that i've set reaper with ninjam under OS X loading a driver called SOUNDFLOWER that make communication between 2 sound software possible.
This info is for all mac users. It works under GARAGE BAND too.
So I tested this just now. It does indeed work. However the latency makes it unusable. At least for me
So I installed jackosx. Unfortunately, ninjam does not appear to see the jack server so I cant route to it. I plan to look into this further as I would really love to use ninjam from my mac. If anyone has a clue of how to connect ninjam to reaper without the heavy latency or better yet how to get ninjam to see jackd I would sure love to hear it. Thanks again.
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