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Originally Posted by dixo View Post
So, track 9 in Reaper can be track 1, bank 2 on a 8-fader surface and track 3, bank 2 on a 6-fader surface and Reaper will keep track of the current mapping for each surface. Is that right, or am I completely mistaken now?
Absolutly correct.

Originally Posted by dixo View Post
When selecting a track in Reaper that is not in the current bank of the device, will Reaper suppress any events for that track to the device, or will it send the proper bank select to select the track on the device?
No. The data for the current track is always sent with no regard if it's in the selected bank or not. This data starts with track/... only while the data for the tracks in the bank start with track/<tracknumber>/...

You have to select the bank via an OSC-send from OSCII-bot.
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