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Default LBX Stripper - create custom channel strips

Hi everyone,

Second project I've been working on (about a week so far). Easily create custom channel strips from any plugins. Drag and drop parameters, multi select and edit look and feel. Add background graphics to give an authentic look (or go crazy). Create and use your own knobs (I've only used those available using Knobman3d so far - I'm not a graphic designer sadly).

Save the strips - load into any track in any project - all plugin settings are recalled correctly (Nebula works great - that's what I've created it for mainly for my use).

Using plugins like dpMeter2 to add metering (would like to work out how to get the scaling correct for the reaper.GetPeakInfo function - my attempts so far look rubbish - something to work on).

I still plan to add some features - a better strips browser - with folders - to help organise your strips better.

I didn't get much feedback for my last Chaos Engine project - so haven't done much to that this week. But maybe it's just not as useful as I thought.

I will hope to release this within a few weeks (free of course) - I still want to tweak some stuff - but would like to know if anyone likes the look of it.

Cheers for now!
Leon (lbx).

EDIT: Beta released. Find latest version here:

Please also report any bugs/errors and suggestions on this thread. Many thanks.

Please NOTE: while the development is in beta - backwards compatibility may break from time to time - so please be aware before incorporating into any important projects. Sometimes (if the save code fails) - you may lose the entire layout in the script - so always save as NEW VERSION when saving your projects to avoid possibility of losing your strips.

To set up action list files to complete the action chooser dialog see:

Then Timbral has provided a useful GIF showing how to set up action buttons:

Please note - I don't think Linux users will be able to follow the above because it requires an SWS dump call - but you may be able to use one of the list files (for native actions) - assuming command id's are fixed across platforms. So you may be able to ask somebody to provide their own exported dump file.

If actions are added with reaper updates - then you would need to run the necessary dump action again to get an updated list.

Timbralzoom has created some excellent videos showing off the script at various stages of development:

The basics tutorial:
VU Meter HowTo:

Here are the latest tutorial videos from Timbralzoom:

01 How to install:
02 Menus & Functions:
4 Snapshot XY Control:
Sends From All Channels:
Automating Metalite XY & Paths
Strip Switchers

Various videos showing his use of the script:

There are many more in Timbral's youtube channel...

Thanks so much Timbral for doing these...

Here's a link to all the controls Timbral has collected together:


Timbral's Surrogate Link:
Timbral's Stack Strips:

ThrashJazzAssassin's shared strip files:
ThrashJazzAssassin's KNB utility
Focusrite's Nebula tutorial:

NEW: Forum thread for sharing strips

Keyboard Shortcuts in Stripper

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