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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
thanks ... I do look forward to it

I've prolly made more than my share of knobs with knobman

so I assume you are using the exported .png stack for your knobs, yes?

can you tell us a bit about how the script uses the various knobs? In other words, is there a folder or the like where all possible knobs reside as .png files?

I know myself and others here are quite familiar with Knobman [btw, that seems like such a contradiction in terms for a name... I thought only women had 'knobs'... ] ...anyway, I'm more than sure there could be a slew of new knob contributions in short order. Personally you can find some of my knobs used in my skins for Nebula's GUI....
Also btw, while working with those projects I got into knobs with a much higher number of frames, precisely for smoother operations.
Please see my reply to RJ regarding the knobs - but basically yes. Create knob - stick in folder - but additionally add a .knb file so it knows how many frames/frame height etc. I plan to make this easier though - technically - you'd only need to specify the number of frames and it could work everything out from that.

Haha - where I'm from - a 'knob' is definitely associated with a man!!
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