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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
right makes perfect sense and I'll keep that in mind

although 3D knobs are 'sexy'... I actually prefer very simple flat knobs that give a nice indication of the needle... abelton live type knobs but with better colors and sweeps are my favorites lately... they also should take less effort for the computer to draw..[I assume]
Actually I kind of agree. I don't want super 3d knobs - but decent actioned (ie nicely controlled by mouse) reasonable looking plain knobs for me really too.

But actually - because these knobs are just bitmap strips - the only thing that alters how hard they are to draw is simply size (and colour depth I guess - so a very simple knob using 2 bits for colour *might* and could be quicker - but I guess it ultimately would be down to how the graphics drivers deal with them).
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