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How do I properly add extra Reaper API functions into csurf.h and csurf_main.cpp files?
The official Reaper extentions SDK files are from 2009 and there were lots of api functions added, since.

For example, I need to send
Undo_DoRedo2(ReaProject* proj)
Undo_DoUndo2(ReaProject* proj)
on midi commands from the surface.

Simply adding int (*Undo_DoUndo2)(); line to csurf_main.cpp and extern int (*Undo_DoUndo2)(ReaProject *proj); to csurf.h didn't work. I followed the way of how other functions were declared in those files.

UPD. My csurf.h additions:



Pressing the assigned button throws exception error in VS:

Calling CSurf_OnPlay() function, that was already present in both .h and .cpp files, works fine, when called by the surface.

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