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Originally Posted by Neenja View Post
I opened the file you provided in Sonar 8.5 and saved it as a new file and it said it opened it with no errors.
Your version of the file opens in Reaper with a "no problem occurred during conversion" message, but the three audio and six midi tracks don't load up in Reaper.

The version I posted pops up with a "!25 conversion warnings" and no tracks load in Reaper.

Does the default new project in Reaper have to be something special for importing Sonar projects?

My default new project template in Reaper opens with a full set of Superior Drummer 2 drums across 8 tracks, and another six audio tracks setup for recording live acoustic drums. All that stays the same after trying to load both the converted to Sonar 8.5 and my older Sonar 5 file.

Also, my Sonar 5 was so long ago that I wasn't yet using per project folders, so all the audio is located in a separate audio folder if that makes any difference.
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