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Originally Posted by akademie View Post
But then, when I try to run main ReaLauncher script, I get this error:
"solger_ReaLauncher.lua:72: attempt to index a nil value"

It is on Windows 7 Pro 32bit, Reaper 5.92 - portable, SWS v2.8.3)

Any suggestions, please?
According to the error message I'm guessing that line 63/64 (version 0.1/0.1.1) 'resourcePath = reaper.GetResourcePath()' couldn't somehow retrieve a resource path (which the script is trying to access later)
I'll have to check this.

In the meantime:

- When you open the script in the Action List via the [Edit...] button and then run it from the editor via the [Start] button: does 'resourcePath' show any value on the right?

- In addition, you can also try if the error is gone when setting the Reaper resource path (Options > Show Reaper resource path ...) manually by editing line 63/64 in the script:
Exchanging the bold part:
resourcePath = reaper.GetResourcePath()
... with the resource path (in quotes):
resourcePath = "<enter the Reaper resource path here>"

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