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One thing I absolutley cannot understand in Reaper's organisation of Project Templates: Why are they not Folder-Structurable - like the Track templates.


MIX>>Live Band
>>5 Stem TV project
RECORD>>Live Band
>>Acoustic Duo


At present, I have 40 templates, and they are all in a big list..
If you could fix this, you would forever rock. Even more than you already do...


Originally Posted by solger View Post
Here's the current collection of things/ideas/feature requests - which are planned for future updates or might be cool to add (if doable):
  • Additional 'Projects' Tab (with the option to add a custom project folder path)
  • Option to add custom folder paths for Track & Project Templates (in addition to the default paths)
  • Option to show the full file paths (and maybe also with the possibility to open the folder location directly in Explorer/Finder)
  • Save window settings (as example: 'window-pin' setting, last text entries in the filter boxes, custom paths, etc.)
  • Option to 'Open with FX offline'
  • Option to remove list entries

  • Filter: additional/other options (like 'not case sensitive')
  • Filter: Accept (enter) key input for 'Apply'
  • Sort: Separate boxes for Recent/Alphabetical and Ascending/Descending

Feel free to post any additional ideas or feature wishes
I'll add them to this list and see what's doable.
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