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Thanks for the kind words all, it's much appreciated. I hope you get some great use out them.

Sju, I'm on a Mac 15" laptop so everything is kind of calibrated on that although I did support non-retina. In theory ReSpectrum is using Verdana with a fixed size of 9 for non-retina. Can you tell me what machine / OS / screen size you're on? I'll investigate.

Eliseat, I think you might have the same issue too if you tried to do it with another EQ. I'll have a think about a solution. I could introduce an offset for frequency and dB - it's those that you'd modulate. The code would keep the handles in place but add the offsets for audio processing. That'd take another 10 slider slots bringing the total up to 62 - pretty close to the 64 limit!

Reaperto, thanks for reminding me about the listen feature I'd implemented. I'd forgotten all about it! ReSpectrum has it too.
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