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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
I'm not sure what's going on here.

Encoders set to consecutive CC numbers (eg. 0-31)

Setup should be the BCR encoders learned to the faderbox sliders.
The (MIDI) output of the faderbox track sent to the BCR.

In Faderbox - feedback enabled. Set to feedback to the same CC's as encoders are producing (eg 0-31).

As I said - unfortunately - I no longer have access to my BCR2000 - but I'm pretty sure I've heard people having success with that controller and this script. Sending CC values to the controller should not result in the controller forwarding them back to the DAW (causing a feedback loop). EDIT: Can you set up another track to also receive the MIDI input from the BCR and monitor this input using the MIDI logger JSFX or similar. See if the MIDI received from the BCR is smooth or not?

Can you describe your routing to me exactly?
Hi, thanks again, I hope that can help you o help me, I have made a little video to show you.
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