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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Hi, thanks for the vid - I can see something is wrong - not entirely sure what at the moment.

If you switch feedback off in Faderbox - does it still do it?

I won't be able to test anything here (I'll set one of my controllers to output CC's and test).

Is your BCR sending out 14bit CCs? or 7bit CCs? if 14bit - just try setting to 7bit and see if it still does it. I know you don't want to use 7bit when 14bit is availabl - but it will give me something to look into if it's just happening in 14bit mode.

Also - could you post a screen shot of a faderbox learned slider reaper learn window - so I know what type of relative mode is used and exactly how it is connected to the slider.
Hi, yes, if feedback is set to NO, then no problem.
I'm set to Absolute.
I don't know if i'm 7 or 14 bits.

I had an Idea. Do you think there could be a switch to select a delay time for WHEN the feed back is sent back to the unit after last receive data. So let's say I move my encoder so the plugin does not send anything until the last data received but after a certain amount of time, like maybe 500ms for example. So that way it's like i'm on feedback OFF when it receive data.
What do you think?
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