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Originally Posted by insub View Post
Is this strictly a time-saving tip, or is there some quality/file size advantage to this method as well?

Because, on my system, Reaper seems to take about the same amount of time to render the MKV/HUFYUV/PCM as it does the MOV/H264/AAC files. The marginal time saved using the MKV method gets lost tenfold once switching to Handbrake for final encode. At least this is my experience with standard definition video.

Sorry about the late reply.

The big thing about using Handbrake is that you get access to all the features of FFMPEG, including H265 and in the near future AC1 encoding. Handbrake can use ALL CPU cores.

The codec for Export in Reaper I'd most like to see supported is actually a Quicktime container with the ProRes high quality codecs such as HQ and so on.Those kinds of codecs are used for Blueray sources, and they're very fast.

The limit here is often the disk writing speed when exporting from Reaper to a codec that uses lots of space. It's almost never the CPU. That's what Handbrake is for, since Reaper is so bad at this. It's not a fully fledge video application after all. I get better encoding speeds and results with Davinci Resolve.

If you have a fast, reasonably large disk, I'd stick to MKV/Huffyuv, or Quicktime Prores once Reaper supports that. Handbrake just has too many good screws to turn and a very good preset system.
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