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Originally Posted by cjewellstudios View Post
A feature request maybe?

Since this is (I would think) mostly being used with knobs/endless rotary encoders,

How hard would it be to customize the script gui to be in the shape of knobs instead of faders?

Not anything new graphically, just taking the idea thats there and make them an almost circle.

Even more specifically, being able to arrange that in a 44 pattern and being able to flip through pages of those.

I'm willing to learn and code myself, just wondered how "doable" that is?
The 4x4 pattern would require a lot of work shifting stuff around. Extra code would be needed to handle different columns - but it would be eminently possible.

The SK2 script I'm still working on allows you to drag out the script window and it adds columns depending on the width of the window - and also there's a compact mode which combines the faders with the parameter select boxes (although it means you cannot actually use the faders to drag the parameter values - it's just to show values). However - as mentioned before - it's not quite ready yet - and also works very very differently to the current SK script - which may not suit everyone due to specific setup requirements.

Changing the faders into rotary style controls would be easy enough - instead of drawing rectangles for the faders - draw circles (or arcs) instead - but not something I really fancy doing ATM.
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