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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
Hey, I've discovered this script and plugin lately. Its really amazing and i was looking for something like this. thanks so much!
Someone was mentioning a few pages back experiencing a graphical freeze/delay of 4-7 seconds on switching plugins.

I have not experienced anything close to that amount. But I definitely notice a delay when using the script in larger projects with lots of plugins and tracks, half a second to a second. I'm on windows 10, I notice on my Macbook with the same sessions, there is no slow down.

Maybe this is caused by something with my graphics card on my PC or something.
Most people using this script are not experiencing this issue?
Hi - thanks.

Regarding any delay - I'm not sure - generally the script is very efficient. But certainly when a project is under heavy load - some things seem to get slower. I put it down to Reaper giving less processing to running scripts - hence things take longer.

Reading recently on another thread - it seems Reaper doesn't utilize the GPU of a graphics card to do anything GUI related - so it all sits on the main processor. And reaper (probably rightly) will prioritize the audio thread above everything else.

If I work out any way of improving it - I will - but as yet - have not come up with a solution.

Certainly anything above a second or two seems excessive. And on my system - it swaps plugins within a second generally. I don't often have crazily heavy projects running though.

I know with Smart Knobs 2 (in development) - which is being tested by guys using 1000+ track templates - it has also been reported that it suffers more in those huge projects, whereas is much more comfortable in smaller setups. But there isn't really anything I can think of that should be affected by a large track count (other than less available CPU).

One thing it does do is load templates as required from disk, so if disk load is busy - then this may slow it down. To solve this in SK2 - I'm allowing all templates to be loaded into RAM - but honestly haven't myself noticed much difference in performance - so busy disk may not be the issue. Problem is - as soon as I try and test using these huge projects on my aging i7 2600K - my system runs out of RAM before I even get to a hundred tracks (with empty kontakts on each) - so it's hard to test.
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