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Originally Posted by Magic Man Mixing View Post
I would like to start by saying I am loving this script, it is amazing! Unfortunately I am having a small issue with the Smart Control. I am using 2 instances of Faderbox because I have 48 CC's set up, but I only have enough vertical monitor room to see the first 32 controls in the Smart Control window. If I use the scroll on my mouse it just jumps me to a different bank of controls that give me the error "...pplication Support/REAPER/Scripts/LBX_SRD_SmartKnobs.lua:173: bad argument #3 to 'TrackFX_SetParamNormalized' (number has no integer representation)" every time I try to assign something. I did eventually find them using the scroll wheel, but it is extremely glitchy. As soon as I scroll down it jumps to what seems to be that different bank of controls, because it shows 1-32 but the controls I have mapped are gone. If I keep scrolling then it scrolls smoothly down to 64, but if I try to map a control I get the error. But if I scroll down as slowly as I can it will sometimes jump back to where I can see the controls I have already mapped but I am a bit further frown the page. These can be mapped.

I put a video of what's happening on youtube here:

Thank you in advance for your help.

I shall look into. The video is really odd - but it's probably something stupid. Perhaps due to you being on a Mac and me overlooking something.

I don't have a Mac - so if I'm struggling to see what it is - I may need to ask you some questions - thanks
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