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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
Awesome! Seems to be working great so far. Zero slowdown from envelopes anymore.

I just noticed a bug, that I guess is probably related to the update?

Plugins from the company Waves used to work fine, and I had a number of templates for those plugins.
With the new changes all the plugins from Waves seem to share the same mapping...
Whatever the first one loaded is, just carries on to the others.
I am guessing this is related to the fact that waves uses a "shell" and not separate individual dll's.

I tested this with the HOFA System plugins (another set of plugins that uses a shell) and there is the same issue.
EDIT: also can confirm this occurs with both VST and VST3

Aaah - good old waves (and Hofa!) :|

But I should be able to fix this using the plugin name as opposed to the module name to identify the plugins - but this will mean renamed plugins are also treated differently. Of course - this is unless the plugin name API call also returns the waveshell or whatever.

I have a few HOFA plugins (the DeEsser, and also Conv. Reverb - does these use a shell?) - I could test with those here.
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