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I've come here from the reaperblog video, combining realearn, faderbox and smartknobs to create a pretty awesome enviroment for work, however, I can't seem to get the MIDI feedback to work.

I first tried with my CODE61 keyboard and it didn't work (I figured that maybe cause of the keyboard). Now I've upgraded to Novation SL61 MKIII which has led screens and all for endless rotary encoders, but the same thing happens again. The plugin parameters jump when I change the plugin and touch an encoder. I can't seem to find a possible error on my side anymore. Midi outputs in the preferences, on the track, in reaLearn and still, it doesn't seem to work. I've also searched through soo many posts, and nobody seems to have this problem. Can anyone think of any other possible errors I might be making, or is anyone willing to help me with this. Will be much appreciated.
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