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This is SO close to working for me, but I'm having an issue I assume is user error on my part:

I've set up Faderbox track and Faderbox VST and mapped it to my midi controller. When I move my controller knob it moves the FaderBox slider. Perfect.

Then I run the SmartKnobs script and can successfully connect to a VST FX. So when I move the virtual knob in my VST FX I see the value in Smart Control move. Still good.

BUT NOW when I go back and move my midi hardware knob the FaderBox slider moves briefly, but then quickly snaps back to 0. It does this as long as the Smart Control is connected to a VST device. Once I navigate away from the VST FX and Smart Control is no longer connected to it, the FaderBox slider goes back to being controlled by my midi knob. What setting am I missing that is snapping the value back to 0? Thank you!
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