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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Yeah we changed the default scaling of UI elements in 5.983, so pixel sizes saved in the ini and projects may be a little small, doh. “experimental release” disclaimer
Thanks, I did figure out that stretching the bottom of the first screen cap image does cause the missing stuff at the bottom to snap back to the bottom where I'm used to seeing it.

For grins, I created a new project using the default template I've used for some time now, and it doesn't seem to have the issue when I add new instances of ReaEQ or other native plugins. I'm guessing that since they are new instances, they will default to the new scaling. I was thinking I would need to tweak my template, but since it has no FX saved in it, they will instantiate properly and I don't need to worry about creating future projects using that template.

Hehe, for an experimental release, REAPER for Linux seems pretty solid to me!
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