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Thank you nitsuj for developing and sharing this great feature packed eq and also those who contributed!

It's fully functional as it is, but here is a small feature wishlist.

-Knobs can fine control values with Ctrl+drag or scroll, (now they are difficult to set back to zero) Perhaps an automatic stop at zero.
-Knobs can be controlled with scrollwheel
-Knobs can return to default/zero with Ctrl click.

I really like that the output for mid and side can be boosted and cut independently.
I can't find a way to do that in the Fabfilter pro q3 output.
Another wonderful feature is the mid and side spectrum analyzer option, to quickly see any m/s problems. I can't do that with Fabfilter pro q3, but it does have an excellent masking detection feature interacting with all the other Pro q3 plugins, which I find very useful.

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