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Default Send specific MIDI/OSC message to surface


Wondering if there is an Action in CSI somewhere that I can use to send a specific MIDI or OSC message to a surface? Or if not, if there's some way I can bastardise one of the Feedback Generators to do that for me?

Reason I ask is that the Lemur can change the layout it has loaded in response to an OSC message, so I'd like to do that when I GoZone.

Actually, even nicer than doing it when I trigger a GoZone, would be if I could define an OnLoad trigger for a zone. Then within the zone itself, when it is loaded I could send a message to the Lemur to load a different layout. That way it would handle FXZones triggered by MapFocusedFXToWidgets. Could probably also be used to, for example, load a different preset on a hardware surface, or other things.

Does that make sense?
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