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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post

Wondering if there is an Action in CSI somewhere that I can use to send a specific MIDI or OSC message to a surface? Or if not, if there's some way I can bastardise one of the Feedback Generators to do that for me?

Reason I ask is that the Lemur can change the layout it has loaded in response to an OSC message, so I'd like to do that when I GoZone.

Actually, even nicer than doing it when I trigger a GoZone, would be if I could define an OnLoad trigger for a zone. Then within the zone itself, when it is loaded I could send a message to the Lemur to load a different layout. That way it would handle FXZones triggered by MapFocusedFXToWidgets. Could probably also be used to, for example, load a different preset on a hardware surface, or other things.

Does that make sense?
Yes, that is more or less what is hardwired for the TouchOSC proof of concept.

It's currently called LoadingZone (it only exists internally), maybe OnZoneLoad is a better name...

Anyway, we should probably do a proper job and implement this as a virtual widget, then we can attach any action -- we'll also have to add the appropriate FB for your use case, as well as go back and retrofit the TouchOSC code, but we will then have a generalized mechanism.
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