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Guess no real MacOS for me then.

30-thousands years ago (way before the discovery of coffee) I (slight recall) got a free OSX "something" CD with a computer magazine, but I was even more clueless back then, can you believe it? (don't answer) :P
So, that was a macOS huh? so by principle, maby I Hhhave touched a macOS?

A quick look at APPLE iMac (2019) and its spec/the 19.999 Kronor one, eum eum? really? the 5K retina must be reaeaelly something?

I can live with 4K fine though (sweet spot) but I have locked myself in to the 21:9 corner because I simply love it! even if the res is lower (for now) hopefully we will get 21:9 in 4K+ (120Hz+) before we populate Mars?

On Linux, I am really not thinking about Mac or Windows as far as the environment & *cencored/beep* is concerned, Linux is not stopping it seems.
Hope Linux popularity curve will be a hockey stick if I may go off topic on purpose.

Thanks people's!
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