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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Not quite sure what you're asking -- do you mean you wish to implement a virtual display for the mini -- one that would simulate scribble strips ?

From reading further back on the thread, it looks like you are supporting scribble strips, but there's nothing yet about them in the tutorial video or wiki as far as I can tell.

I'm attaching a simple example of what it might look like for the behringer. This would just be a little floating window you could open with a command in reaper (and it would look a little nicer--this is literally just spacings mocked up in inkscape.) Maybe with a drop-down to select the controller to show. A controller specific toolbar, basically.

Taking it a step further, you could actually make the boxes function as sliders and buttons, and encoders function as +- buttons. That way you would have a complete virtual controller you could use when you are working on your laptop away from the actual unit. Don't know how useful that would be for folks, but it's an idea.

For a real cadillac solution you'd want versions of this script for every control surface out there (that doesn't actually have scribble strips!) I'd be happy to offer code for the behringer as a starting point. Maybe I could even figure out how to lay out controls from an editable text file... I actually really need to do that anyway, as I keep changing my mind about my layout the list of controls would be read from the mst file. I suppose the size and positions of controls could be in the same file and just ignored by csi...??? I'd also want an option to select the color, including just taking the color of the selected channel. Text comes from the zone file, correct? I guess color eventually will as well?

I could probably manage to get something like this working if I knew how to get the text and color data.

In any case, I'm going to figure out how to lay out my controls from a text file asap, as that's obviously the way to do it going forward.

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