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Originally Posted by user7776543 View Post
I think this is a cool idea. I've never done any online collab before, but I'd be willing to try.

I am primarily an electric guitarist, very versatile - rock, jazz, blues, metal, folksy - but with a very particular style and sound which I tend to classify as kind of "drunken/cubist/detuned". I play somewhat behind and/or ahead of the beat consistently, and tend to seek out melodies/harmonies ouside of the norm. This is not to say I am unable to play straight/intune, I can and do, very sweetly if I choose. I just usually don't.

Check me out on Ninjam's autosong page under the nick "doorthe" if you would like to hear some samples of my playing. Pick a song with more votes for a better quality sample.

Sounds interesting....FYI...could not get anything on ninejam.
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