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Default Some stuff about me...

Hi, I don't think of myself as a musician, but for some reason I can't keep away from instruments, both real or virtual. I've always loved tinkering with sound. I played kit drums a bit once, so I'm reasonable at putting together MIDI drum parts, I think. Play a bit of guitar and very basic keys. I like almost everything, but NOT Metal, heavy rock etc, anything with painfully loud guitars featuring (except maybe Jouhn McCloughlin). You can see a list of my 'influences' on My Space (link below).

I'm interested in finding contributors for some of my things, especially '60s and '70s style guitar soloing (twangy to psychadelic), any kind of jazzyish keyboard soloing/fills, ditto winds, fiddle, flute etc.

As I said, see my link below. PS I don't work fast! and I'm not up to speed with file sharing etc (just started using stashbox though) so you might need patience as a qualification!).
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