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Default [Suggestion] 'Save project to new folder/clean project folder'

dunno if this has been brought up already, but wouldn't it be nice to have a command like 'Save to new folder' and delete all unused data at the same time to clean up the clutter in the project folder.
When you're 'Cycle Recording' you'll probably want to save all takes first, then comp your section (or choose best take). But this takes up quite some HDD space.
Or create some sort of 'Self Contained' project (similar to Ableton LIVE) where all needed files automatically go into the same project folder (when choosing this command) and the rest is discarded (can be deleted or left on the HDD for later reference if needed)? This way, files which reside outside the project folder like loops or samples anywhere on your HDD, will also be included, which makes archiving/transporting (bring your project to friends house ) projects easy as ...!

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