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My most used (although I can't remember which are default and which I've customised - but you get the idea, and they may already have appeared on the thread, I'm going thread-blind).


shift+up/down - select track
\ - zoom in selected track vertically
alt+\ zoom out selected track vertically
ctrl+L - set time selection to selected item
, - set left locator (linked to time selection)
. - set right locator ( " " )
/ - remove locators ( " " )

MIDI editor

alt+left/right - select next note
ctrl+left/right/up/down - move selected note

Basic but vital.

I've set up a usb number pad as a remote control and using macros have set up three buttons as:

Stop recording/save all recorded files
Stop recording/delete all recorded files

This allows me to perform basic recording functions without standing over the laptop. Extension cables exist so I could in theory be in the next room if necessary.

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