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Originally Posted by needtopractice View Post
Is it a simple USBc to USB 2.0 adapter that is needed?
if your non-pro macbook has only one USB-C port (for devices and charging), the way to go is some kind of device that will give you at least one USB port and USB-C for charging at once. Apple makes one, but there is only one port there. you may need a USB MIDI keyboard or something else, like a flash drive or external disk. there are third-party USB-C docks that have more than one port, but running a recording device in a USB hub with other devices seems not like a good idea to me.

frankly I won't advice to make a recording studio around a weak computer (1.2GHz and one USB port).

Originally Posted by needtopractice View Post
Also I'm not sure if there is a special soundcard needed.
other than the recording interface? nah, it's old days. you just plug in a thunderbolt/usb device and that's it.
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